You can use any of the following syntaxes:

  • Getting Tag value:

- Example: LINE1.FT101 or VAL(LINE1.FT101)

  • Getting Tag status:

- Example: STATUS(LINE1.FT101)

  • Check if Tag status is Normal:

- Example: ISNORMAL(LINE1.FT101)

  • Getting Tag time stamp of last update:

- Example: TSTMAP(LINE1.FT101)

  • Using a Tag value inside an expression: Use VAL(TagName) function.

Example: VAL(LINE1.FT101) > 2

  • Dynamic parameters should be surrounded with curly parentheses.

Example: {TAG}

Example: VAL({TAG}) > 2

Example: VAL((GROUP}.TOTAL) > 2

  • String comparison needs to be surrounded with double quotations.


  • Special keywords:
    • $TIME: Gets the current time
    • $DATE: Gets the current date
    • $CURRENT_WIN: Gets the current opened graphical window's name
    • $CURRENT_USER: Gets the current logged user's name
    • $CURRENT_ACCESSLEVEL: Gets the current logged user's access level

  • Special functions:
    • VAL_AND_UNIT(arg1, arg2, arg3)

arg1: Tag name

arg2: Number format (See examples below)

arg3: Unit (This can be any string).

Example: VAL_AND_UNIT(VAL(LINE1.FT101),'0.0','m3')

  • Text formatting examples: