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Modernize existing control systems with new features.

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Our Products

Stream SCADA

Powerful and flexible, yet easy to use SCADA software for all automation applications.




Communicate with different PLCs and intelligent devices using the built-in drivers such as: OPC, Modbus, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, MQTT, DNP3, IEC60870 and more …


Build stunning GUI using modern graphics builder, rich library and several animations. Build your own reusable library and pass parameters to quickly build GUI screens.


Write C# scripts and extend the functionality … no limits.


Store data either periodically or on change into the embedded and high-efficient database.


Build custom and rich Excel reports that get data right from Stream SCADA database.


Stream SCADA exposes all its real-time, alarms and historical data into REST API. The true gate to integrate with IT systems. In addition, push data directly to other web services and brokers.

Stream IIoT

Leverage the cloud, bring a solution from the future to the current automation needs.

Industry Oriented

Stream IIoT is built from day one around industry specifications and requirements. All SCADA features are included in Stream IIoT Platform.


Intuitive dashboards for different users roles; visualizing your assets or your process.

Auto Scale

Start small and grow as you go. Leverage the cloud to auto scale infrastructure as needed.


Store massive amounts of data on highly effecient and redundant cloud stores.


On the cloud or on-premisses. Your choice !


Stream IIoT exposes all its real-time, alarms and historical data into REST API. The true gate to integrate with IT systems.

Stream Gateway Software

Extend existing control systems with new functionalities. Link OT systems to enterprise and IT systems.

Push to Cloud

Collect field data from control systems using industry protocols and push it to Azure cloud, AWS, and Google cloud.

IT - OT Bridge

Bridge the gap between control systems and IT systems. Stream Gateway collects data from control systems and avail it as REST API for IT systems. It can also send it to IoT platforms through MQTT.


Modernize old control systems with new features such as Mobile App, dashboards, notifications, recipes, and more.

Link Masters

Stream Gateway can act as Modbus TCP Server (Slave). It can solve the commonly-faced problem of two masters that can’t talk to each other.

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