In this section, we'll create a graphical page that shows information about our defined pump.

1. From Stream Explorer, Select Graphics

2. Graphics Editor will open, creating a new window. Enter the following details:

  • Title: Main
  • Width: Leave it to its default.
  • Height: 500

3. A blank window will appear. This is the drawing area for the graphics.

4. We'll create a pump plate that shows pump information. The final output should like the following:

5. Draw a round rectangle 

Set its properties as the following:

  • CurveRadious: 5
  • Fill Style: Gray (Click on the icon  to open the color editor)
  • LineStyle \ LineWidth: 2

5. Draw a Text box from the tool bar

Set its properties as the following:

  • Font: Tahoma
  • Bold: True
  • Align Text: Center Text
  • LineStyle \ LineWidth: 0 (Zero means no border at all).

Note 1: To remove the border from any Text box, set its LineWidth to Zero.

Note 2: To change the text of any object:

Right-Click on the object and select Set Text. Enter the new text and click OK.

6. Duplicate this text box as the following (either by Copy & Paste or by dragging the text node while pressing Ctrl button).

7. Add two circles from the tool bar

8. Add two buttons from the tool bar

Right-Click on each button and click on Set Text to change their texts as Start and Stop.

Don't forget to save your work from time to time (with by Ctrl+S or the save icon )

9. Tips for precise drawings

a. While working with graphics, you may need to adjust the drawing area from this tool bar:

You can do the following:

  • Change zoom level (Also can be changed by holding Ctrl and turning mouse-wheel)
  • Enable or Disable snapping objects to the grid.
  • Change grid size

b. Tools to align, rotate and order objects

Place the mouse over any icon to know what function does it provide.

10. Note: At anytime, you can edit page width, height and other properties by doing the following:

  • Right-Click on the drawing area of the page.
  • Click on Diagram Properties.