Memory data source represents memory based data source that Memory tags (or sometimes called Internal tags) can be linked to.

Typically, you define this data source to be used internally inside Stream SCADA (not communicated with external devices). For example, a result of Script can be stored in Memory tags.

From Stream Explorer, select Data Sources and click on the Add button.

There isn't much setting you need to configure to define a Memory data source.

  • Name: Unique name for the data source.
  • Description: Optional information about the data source.
  • Protocol: Selecting Memory defines this data source as Internal holder for data that we'll use later in Tags configuration.

Note: You can define on or more of this data source (or any data source) according to your plan, design and project organization.

Note: You can use Memory data source to define tags and do most of the work and then convert easily to any I/O data source (e.g. Modbus, OPC .. etc).