The following section describes the options that change the appearance and the available functionality at run time.

From Stream Explorer, select Runtime (under Graphics)

Start up

  • Start up form: Select the the name of the starting graphical page when the Stream Client starts.
  • Full Screen: Select this option to start the start up form in full screen mode.

Time / Date Format

  • Date Format: Select the the date format that will be used in graphical interface (e.g. Alarm Viewer, text display .. etc).
  • Time Format: Select the the time format that will be used in graphical interface (e.g. Alarm Viewer, text display .. etc).

Graphics Performance

Stream Client at startup will open all graphical pages (hidden) and will these pages whenever required (e.g. called by a button click). This feature is very useful so that the startup time for any page is very small. Operators will navigate between graphics seamlessly with no delay,

However, some of the saved graphical pages will not be called at any given time. For example, it was built only for testing or became obsolete. Also, dynamic pop ups (face plates) shouldn't be preloaded at memory since they get their parameters values only when they show up. For this reason, specify the in the exclusion list all graphical names that need not to be preloaded (separated by comma).

Run Time Tool bar Options

The following shows the available options (marked by numbers in the screen shot below).

The following shows the appearance effect at runtime (matched with the above numbers).

Runtime result as follows (Top bar at all screens):

The description of these options is in the below table:


 Option Description


 Open Stream Manager


 Open Quick Monitor


 Enable "Force Values" Option (Part of Quick Monitor)


 Opens "Views Controller"


 Debug the current graphical page


 Go to home page


 Go to the Next page


 Go to the Next page


 Acknowledge all alarms


 Mute Alarm Sound once


 Disable/Enable Alarm sound