Alarm definitions usually should have different behaviors based on their priorities. this section shows you how to view or edit it.

From Stream Explorer, select Alarms

Each configured alarm should have a priority assigned to the alarm. This alarm priority is assigned from the Tag Editor / Alarms tab as shown in the below screen shot. For more info about the details of alarm settings, refer to Tags / Alarms Configuration.

Alarm Priorities

Alarm priority defines the following behaviors:

  • Color: The text color of the alarm line in the Alarm Viewer.
  • Log: Enable or disable logging the alarm in the historical alarms.
  • Auto Ack: Sets the option of auto-acknowledging of the alarm (sometimes called Self-acknowledge). When this option is set, the alarm line will be cleared from the alarm viewer once the alarm state is cleared without the need of the operator action (i.e. hitting Acknowledge button).
  • Alarm Sound: When selected for a certain priority, alarm sound will play when there's any new alarm that has this specific priority.

  • Normal (Recover): When the alarm is cleared, the alarm line can have a special color (green as default). You can also wither to log or not.

Note: Priority 6 is reserved to "Events". This is useful for filtering the alarm viewer to this category only. Refer to Alarm Viewer / Filter Tab for more info.

Historical Alarms storage settings

  • Keep Historical Alarms for the last x days: Set here the number of days you want to keep the historical alarms.