Stream SCADA provides a built-in rich data logging capability.

Any Tag can be logged using one or two different methods. These methods are called "Historical Models". Refer to Tags / Historical configuration for more details about assigning tags to historical models.

From Stream Explorer, select Historical and click on the Add button.

Main Tab:


  • Active: Enables or disables any logging associated with this historical model.
  • Name: Unique name for the historical mode.    
  • Path: (Optional). When left blank, the database file will be stored in the application folder under the "Historical" folder. If you want to save the database in a separate location, set the folder path in this field.


  • Type: Select one of the two options:

   a. Periodic: Stores the data cyclically each specified number of seconds (Sample Interval).

   b. OnValueChange: Stores the data only when the value changes by a specific absolute value (Minimum Value Change).

  • Save Interval: At first, Tags values are stored in the application internal memory in a queue. Later, it's written to a disk after the (Save Interval) is elapsed.
  • Keep Period: Set here the number of days you want to keep the historical data for this historical model.

Note: Any defined historical model will appear as an option in historical configuration of tags as shown in the below screen shot.