Stream SCADA

Modern SCADA software that is ready for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Integrate OT with IT using the built-in Rest API.

Innovative mobile app builder.

Deploy locally or in the cloud.

Built-in MQTT driver.

Predict faliures using Machine Learnining.


Standard SCADA features: graphics, alarms, scripts ... and more.

Why Stream SCADA?

Stream SCADA allows you building rich and complete SCADA applications. In addition, it allows modern and innovative functionalities.


Built-in drivers for Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC, Siemens S7, Allen-Bradelly, MQTT, HTTP and more.


Rest API

Avail all application real-time, historical data, alarms and configurations to authenticated 3rd party systems.

Unified Builder

Use Stream Explorer to build and configure all your application components.

Deploy Anywhere

Host your SCADA application on your own servers or any cloud infrastructure.

Innovative Mobile App Builder

Build and customize your own Mobile App using simple and easy builder.

Machine learning

Stream SCADA utilizes machine learning to predict faliures by early detection of data anomalies.

Powerful scripting

Extend application features via modern .Net C# scripting.


Rich Graphics Editor

Build rich graphical interface pages. Use the built-in library and build your reusable library components.


Testing Tools

Test and comession your system using the various built-in testing tools.

Stream Explorer 

One Unified Application Builder

Rich Graphics Editor

Build impressive graphics in no time using modern tools. Save time and enforce consistency using your own reusable graphical “structures”.

Powerful Scripts Editor

Empower your application with .NET C# code. Write scripts with a flexible and rich scripts editor. Test, debug and highlight errors in the same editor.

Innovative Mobile App Builder

Create and customize app per user. Zero code required.

Connect OT to IT

Stream SCADA software avails all its data through modern REST API. This includes real-time and historical data, real-time and historical alarms, configuration and more. All enterprise and IT systems can easily connect to control systems through Stream SCADA API.