Stream SCADA is a state of the art, modern and flexible standard SCADA software. This help guide is designed in a logical way to easily guide you through the various activities during installing, building, managing and running your application.

This guide consists of the following sections:

Chapter Name

 Chapter Description


 Software requirements, Installation, licensing and upgrading guide.

  Manage (Stream Manager)

 Starting the server (in different modes) and starting other Stream components

  Build (Stream Explorer)

 Your guide for various tools to build your application


 How to push data to other services

  Operate (Steam Client)

 a quick guide to run Stream Client (Operator)


 Debug and trace errors

  Step-by-Step Tutorial

 A detailed tutorial to build a small but almost complete application

The recommended order to read this guide is as the following:

  1. Start by Installation chapter.
  2. Step-by-Step Tutorial.

3.   Return to other chapters when ever you need more details about a specific topic.